Anti-Snoring Sleep Aid Sleep Monitor Watch Monitor Heart Rate SpO2 Pulse Oximeter Alarm Wireless Bluetooth for Sleep Apnea

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Anti-Snoring Sleep Aid Sleep Monitor Watch Monitor Heart Rate SpO2 Pulse Oximeter Alarm Wireless Bluetooth for Sleep Apnea

【SLEEP APNEA AID】 :Our sleep tracker watch and when your SpO2 levels drop the smart ring sensor will vibrate to stir you to let you know you need more oxygen when your levels drop between 80 and 95% below your pre-programmed threshold
【COMFORTABLE TO WEAR WHEN SLEEPING】: Featuring a soft sensor that fits comfortably around your thumb which you can hardly feel when in place. One size fits all so our device is suitable for all ages and body sizes 【CONTINUOUS HEART RATE AND SPO2 TRACKING】This small and wearable pulse oximeter watch monitors your oxygen SpO2 levels and your pulse rate for up to 15 hours when in sleep mode and for up to 5 hours when in fitness mode 【HEALTH TRACKER】 :This wearable technology is perfect for those who are interested in long term measuring of their SpO2 levels and heart rate when mountain climbing, cycling and other endurance sports as well as those who suffer or potentially suffer from sleep apnea and other sleep complaints
【CLOUD STORAGE】 :Combine with our user-friendly sleep app for iOS and Android phones so you can review real time metrics and analyse your results for OSA screening, tracking long term trends and share your data with your doctor. You can sync your data to the Checkme cloud automatically

Product description
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The ultimate oxygen and pulse rate monitor

Day or night, for exercising or sleeping, our wearable watch style device helps you keep track of important levels, so you can monitor your health accordingly. The built in lithium polymer rechargeable battery charges via micro USB, the cable is included with your purchase. It takes less than 2 hours to charge to up to 90%.

Bluetooth technology
Sync the device with your phone and the monitored results will appear on your iPhone or Android phone via Bluetooth technology. You can monitor the data each morning when you wake up and use it to discuss your concerns with your health specialist.

Suitable for all ages
To make the process of monitoring your sleep and oxygen levels comfortable for everyone, take the silicone duckbilled sensor that clips on your finger or thumb, the ring sensor which fits just like a ring on your thumb which never falls off and is suitable for all sizes. Best results are obtained when the wearer chooses the ring sensor option. The size of the wrist band is 44 x 25 x 15mm and weighs just 12g.

How it works
The idea of the oxygen sleep monitor is to help you snore less and intake more oxygen for a more rested night’s sleep. When you snore it can cause obstructive sleep apnea. This is where your airway collapses blocking airflow and disturbing sleep. You can fix this by securely attached the ring sensor. Overnight your SpO2 (oxygen) levels and pulse rate will be monitored. When the low oxygen reader is triggered a vibration will occur to stir you which should make you breathe. The vibration intensity and threshold levels can be adjusted so you can find one suitable for your needs

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